The Billing Pros - A Cvikota Company

About The Billing Pros

The Billing Pros offers USA based medical billing services and has been in the business of revenue cycle management for over 45 years. Currently we have 4 offices serving providers in 28 states and offer medical billing services to hospital-based specialties including radiology, pathology, and anesthesia as well as office based specialties including ENT, surgery, family practice and internal medicine, EMS and chiropractic. In addition to medical billing, The Billing Pros provide a full suite of ancillary services to compliment core RCM activities including certified medical coding, data analysis, a secure client portal, and many other services.

Check out the links below to view information about divisions of The Billing Pros:

  • The Billing Pros - Medical Billing and Comprehensive Practice Management Services
  • HealthOne - Medical Billing and Comprehensive Practice Management Services
  • EMS Billing Pros - The Emergency Medical Services billing (EMS Billing) and ambulance billing division of The Cvikota Company
  • Webteam - Website development, programming, and online marketing services division of The Cvikota Company

The Billing Pros is also affiliated with the following medical billing companies: HealthOne and EMS Billing Pros, as well as our website development division, Webteam, Inc. The Billing Pros serves clients nation-wide, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey.