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The Billing Pros Announce ICD-10 Readiness

Submitted Monday, February 10th 2014 1:08 pm by Paul
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La Crosse, WI  February 10, 2014 - The Billing Pros, a national provider of medical billing and revenue cycle management services, announced its ICD-10 readiness position today. All HIPAA-covered healthcare entities are required to switch to the new code set by October 1, 2014, meaning their EHR software and medical billing systems must be compliant. The Billing Pros team is pleased to confirm its suite of revenue cycle management software solutions are ICD-10 ready and that it is actively involved in testing with provider and payer communities to ensure a smooth transition to the new coding standard.

In preparation for the October 1, 2014, ICD-10 compliance deadline, The Billing Pros have implemented a rigorous claim submission testing process to ensure transaction accuracy and acceptance in accordance with the ICD-10 standard, mandated by CMS.

The Billing Pros IT department will continue to monitor and report payers' testing plans to assure a successful migration. The Billing Pros will also continue working with all clearinghouse partners to determine and communicate their current testing status.

"ICD10 is going to affect every aspect of our clients' practices. Our experience has shown us where our clients need to be, and where we can help. Our clients will have everything we can provide to help them successful transition to ICD10," said Curtis Cvikota, CHBME, President and CEO. "We are working with the provider, payer and government community to ensure as easy a transition as possible."

The transition to ICD-10 is about more than electronic transactions. As a leading provider of medical billing services for several medical specialties, The Billing Pros staff of certified ICD coders is undergoing extensive education and training. With eight months until the required ICD-10 implementation date, billing staff are working with ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding sets in parallel.

"I'm really impressed how thoroughly our team has responded to the challenges of ICD10 readiness," said Cvikota. "From our practice management software to our electronic remittance analysis tools, to internal coder education, to external training, we're ready."

About The Billing Pros

For over 45 years The Billing Pros have been known to their clients and industry leaders as The Cvikota Company. Headquartered in La Crosse, WI, The Billing Pros provides comprehensive practice management expertise to healthcare providers in 14 states. To better reflect sweeping changes in how the healthcare community is reimbursed for services, the company began marketing under The Billing Pros in late 2013.

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