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Don't Try This at Home Part II - Why Better Source?

Submitted Thursday, February 28th 2013 8:54 am by Paul Andres

Why Better-source?

  • It saves time. Some EHR and PM vendors suggest that new technologies make billing as easy as hitting “send” and waiting for the money. Those in the trenches know better. Medical billing is primarily a human endeavor and effective hands-on accounts receivable management can take a great deal of time.
  • It protects internal resources. Most practices with in-house billing efforts do a pretty good job of getting clean claims out the door. Effective follow-up is another matter, and the day to day demands of patient care and processing of new charges often means denied and un-adjudicated claims don’t get the attention they require.
  • You’ll get faster reimbursement. A well-run medical billing company is really good at two things: accuracy and speed. Our certified coders and billing experts work hard to get it right the first time, and The Cvikota Company’s internal IT and programming team is dedicated to making sure electronic claims submission is clean and reliable.
  • You’ll get better answers. The best revenue cycle management companies are data companies. At The Cvikota Company, we take pride in how we manage data, making it work for you and providing answers to the questions that keep our clients up at night. Which leads to point number five…
  • You’ll enjoy real peace of mind. While no one else will love your business like you do, working with the right practice management company can provide confidence that revenue cycle management and medical billing are in the hands of committed professionals who understand your business and the constantly changing healthcare environment.

Contact the experts at The Cvikota Company ( and share what’s on your mind. Ask us about how we can contribute to your bottom line and help your practice enjoy greater success.

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