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The Billing Pros is a U.S. based medical billing company where we believe our job is to help healthcare providers thrive and be financially successful.  We spend all of our time thinking of ways to solve the revenue cycle management problems you have, and dedicate our more than 45 years of billing experience to making the most of every service you provide.  We’re a privately held company, that operates in 12 states and have the resources to do the job right.  We serve several medical specialties and it’s likely we have significant experience working with your area of medicine.

Curt Cvikota is the second generation President who has dedicated his life to helping independent medical practices and medical groups achieve outstanding results in collections, revenue cycle management and back office support.  Curt is very active in the industry and has served on numerous committees as well as President of the Healthcare Billing and Management Association in 2015.  Our client testimonials and references will speak not only to Curt’s efforts and successes, but of the ability and accomplishments of our entire staff.

The Billing Pros team is proactive in staying on top of ever-changing billing industry requirements.  We’re data experts who help our clients make the most of their RCM and EHR data.  Our powerful reporting and analysis tools, available to you directly via our secure Client Portal will help make the most of your data and will provide insight and analysis for making sound business decisions.

These days, timely and accurate billing by companies like ours should go without saying.  In our experience most offices do a pretty good job of getting a clean claim out the door, but often lack the resources to do effective follow up, which is often the difference between merely paying the bills, and being truly successful.  At The Billing Pros, we set ourselves apart with follow-up efforts that get results and make sure our physicians are paid fairly for their work.

Our fees are based on a percentage of collections and are a function of your payor mix, service mix, and data capture possibilities, among other criteria.  We want to earn your business and we promise to be as competitive as we can without compromising our commitment to high performance.

Check out the links below to view information about divisions of The Billing Pros:

  • The Cvikota Company - A Divison of The Billing Pros Medical Billing and Comprehensive Practice Management Services
  • HealthOne - A Divison of The Billing Pros Medical Billing and Comprehensive Practice Management Services
  • EMS Billing Pros - The Emergency Medical Services billing (EMS Billing) and ambulance billing division of The Billing Pros
  • Webteam - Website development, programming, and online marketing services division of The Billing Pros

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The Billing Pros Affiliates

The Billing Pros - Powered by Cvikota, is also affiliated with the following medical billing companies: HealthOne and EMS Billing Pros, as well as our website development division, Webteam, Inc. The Billing Pros serves clients nation-wide, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Nevada, California, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky.